Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Increasing Expectations

December 13, 2015

Dear Family,​

Not to be boring, but we weren't able to meet HJ last week, so I don't have any news for you on that one...but this upcoming Sunday we have a baptism scheduled, did I already tell you about him?  His name is JH, he's like in his 60s, and he's been meeting with the missionaries for a long time, maybe up to 5 years.  He likes the church a lot, just has a few concerns. . .  Anyway, his baptismal date is December 20, and so hopefully it works out.  We called him the other night to ask him about doing the baptismal interview sometime this week, and he told us that he wants to push off the baptism until the spring since it's too cold outside right now.  Obviously it doesn't matter what the weather is like since we have a baptismal font in the church, so maybe there is something else going on that he won't tell us.  We'll meet him this week, maybe tomorrow, and see what's going on.  In the meantime, please pray for him :)

I would agree, President Barrow definitely receives a lot of inspiration for this mission.  Especially all the things I've heard from leadership meetings and from the zone leaders and APs, President Barrow has a really high vision for what this mission can accomplish.  The weekly baptism goal isn't the start of it though, I think President has had this vision for a long time, and is unfolding it bit by bit, as we're ready for it.  For example, last spring he set as the mission standard 13 total lessons per week per team, but at that time, that was a really lofty goal, and most people didn't think it was very realistic.  But I was talking to the zone leaders the other day, and apparently the mission average for lessons taught is sitting right at about 13 per week, and so President is planning on upping it to 20 in the near future.  So just things like that, he's been slowly trying to raise the expectations for the missionaries here, and it is working! :)

I can't think of anything significant that happened last week.  A member took us out to eat  Shabu Shabu, have you ever heard of that?  I think it might be Vietnamese or something, it's really good.  It was only the second time I've had it since it's kind of expensive.

This Saturday we have a ward Christmas party, and whenever we have ward activities like this, the ward mission leader has the missionaries do a ton of stuff, so we've been really busy.  We have all of the members split up between the three teams, and we have to call each person we are assigned to and ask if they have anyone they can invite to the activity.  If they don't (which is 99% of the time) we have to tell them that we will call them back in a few days, ask them to pray to find someone they can invite, and then we have to follow up with this until they find someone or the activity happens, whichever is first. Elder Yoon and I only have 30ish people, but we have to do that whole process with each of them periodically.  I think it's a really good idea though, it helps the members to be more involved in missionary work, just a ridiculous amount of work for the missionaries.

I can't really think of anything else that happened, hopefully that entertains you until next week :)

Elder Hines

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