Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day

December 27, 2015

​Dear Family,

Besides Christmas, not a lot happened last week. A member invited us over to his house for dinner on Christmas, and he also invited a non-member friend, so that was pretty cool.  I didn't know that happened in real life, I had only heard stories.  He wants to learn English from us, but also seems to have gospel interest.  We shared a message about Christmas, and when we asked him if he knew why Christ came to Earth, he gave a pretty det​ailed explanation of the Atonement.  That probably doesn't sound impressive to you, but in Korea, it's pretty rare to find someone who even knows what the Atonement is.  This guy is doing his military service right now so doesn't have a lot of time, but he wants to meet us when he can.

On Christmas Day, we did a pretty fun activity with all the district members.  We got together and had most of the people sing Christmas carols while one or two teams handed out Books of Mormon to people passing by as gifts.  It worked pretty well, we were able to give out maybe 40 or 50 copies of the Book of Mormon in only an hour.  Christmas is wonderful for missionaries, it gives us a reason to try to give people stuff :) Any other time of the year they think we're trying to sell them something.

I hope you had a good Christmas! And have a fun New Year's!!

Elder Hines

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