Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christians Give More Snacks

November 29, 2015

Dear Family,

Four inches of snow? That's crazy, I think I've forgotten what snow looks like. Even last winter, even though I was in Daegu, it didn't really snow much, and when it did it just got blown away. I highly doubt it will snow here in Gimhae, being so close to the ocean and so far south.

There's not too much that the missionaries have to do in this ward, besides normal missionary work. It's a fully functioning ward, weird, huh? I spoke in Sacrament on the first week, but that's just something you always do when you transfer to a new area.

Not too much happened this week. We started teaching a new investigator, a college student who comes to English class. We started teaching him English one on one, and teaching about the gospel as well. He is super cool, his parents are Buddhist, but he said he is really interested in learning about other religions. He said when he was in the military, he went to the Christian worship service instead of the Buddhist because they gave more snacks. And then he said that because his family name is "Ha" he has been curious about God since he was young (God in Korean is "Ha-na-nim"). So he has been completely open to what we've been teaching, and he seems to like it a lot. We taught him the Restoration last week, and he really liked it. It's so cool to have an investigator who is actually interested in what we're saying, it doesn't happen too often :)

As far as what we talk about in district meeting, it's always different. The topic and assignments are up to the DL's discretion, but normally we have someone teach a Korean lesson, give a talk, and then give some kind of training, and at the end we have a short testimony meeting. This last meeting, the topic was using time effectively, focusing on planning and setting goals. My responsibility is just planning the meeting, giving assignments, and then conducting the meeting.

For p day in Gimhae, there's not a ton of things we can do. We only have one computer, and six people need to email on it, each for an hour and a half. So that's basically all of p day. Today it's just all six of us hanging out at the church taking turns emailing while everyone else is playing board games and stuff.

That's about it for the week, as far as I can think of. Have a good day and week!


Elder Hines

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