Monday, December 7, 2015

Faith Project

December 7, 2015

Dear Family,

We met with HJ last week, and were able to teach him the gospel. It was actually a kind of unexpected lesson, so we weren't able to plan very well, but we ended up talking about faith and read Alma 32 together. He said that since he has been meeting with us, he's already felt like his faith has grown, and he really likes the things we teach him. The ward played soccer on Saturday with the neighboring branch, and he came with us to play, so that was really good, the members love him. We extended a baptismal invitation last time we met him, and he agreed to be baptized if he comes to know that the church is true. Please pray for him to have that spiritual confirmation!!! :)

We have 10 missionaries in our district: two elder teams and one sister team in Gimhae, and one sister team and the zone leaders in Gupo, the neighboring area that we played soccer with. Today for P day we went to a Buddhist temple in Haeundae called "Yong-gung-sa." Most of the missionaries who are in Busan city right now went, so it was really fun, I'll send you some pictures :)

This past week we had zone conference, and President Barrow told us of a vision he has for this mission, which is each team in the mission baptizing one person every week. He said it's completely possible, when he served his mission, he was in an area where there were over 50 baptisms in just a few months. He talked about how when he was talking with the APs and zone leaders about how we could accomplish it, the thing that they came up with was that we need to increase our faith, so that is the focus for this transfer. We are doing something called the "Faith Project," where they handed out a card to each person that has a mustard seed on it, along with a list of scriptures about faith. We're supposed to carry it with us and look at it every once in a while. So that's what we're doing this transfer, it been really good so far!

Elder Yoon is super awesome, he's really funny, and a really hard worker. For food, we just kind of switch off who makes the food and who does dishes, at least on the days that we eat together. Sometimes because our schedules are different we just eat separately. It's maybe half together half separate.

We got a call last week from missionaries in a different area, asking us to contact a person who lives in our area.  They didn't even know if he was a member or investigator or what, they just had a phone number for him, and knew he was deaf, but besides that, they didn't know anything about him. So we texted him, he gave us his address, and invited us over. On Saturday we went out to find his house to visit him, but the address he gave us wasn't specific enough. We texted him again asking for a more specific location, but he never replied. While we were sitting there in the middle of town in a state of confusion and slight irritation waiting for him to text us back, an old lady with a walker came by and asked us to call her house for her since she was lost and couldn't find it. I think she had Alzheimer's or something, but we were able to help her get back. The guy never responded, so we just went home, but we must have been led out there to be in the right place at the right time to help her.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Hines

P Day visit to Buddist Temple - Yong-gung-sa

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