Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Parties

December 20, 2015

Dear Family,

About those two investigators . . . let's just say it didn't go exactly as planned.  We met with HJ and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it went really well.  We had planned on inviting him to be baptized next month, and it felt right that we should invite him after we finished the lesson. I even felt clearly impressed to say certain things to him about the gospel and baptism, but I guess he wasn't thinking along the same lines as we were. He says his parents wouldn't support him. So not sure what to do there, especially because he's been avoiding us since then, I think he feels bad that he doesn't want to do what we asked him to do or something. 

That same day that we invited him to be baptized, we had the baptismal interview for JH. Before the zone leaders got there, we went through the questions with him, and he was good with everything and really wanted to be baptized. But then he did the interview, and for some reason he decided that he isn't ready to commit to paying tithing and coming to church every week. It was really disappointing, but at least he's honest about it, right? So we'll try to work with him to prepare him to do that, but I don't see him getting baptized any time soon. So honestly, this week was kind of depressing because of those two experiences.

We had the mission party last week, and it was really fun. We listened to talks from the mission presidency, had a bunch of musical numbers, ate lunch, sang Christmas hymns, and then watched 17 Miracles. And yes, I got the second package, but I haven't opened it yet :)

The ward party was also really good. It was just kind of like a talent show, some people did musical numbers or dances, the missionaries did a skit acting out that Mormon Message about the meaning of Christmas (it's the one with the kids doing a play, have you seen that?). Our ward mission leader asked JH to dress up as Santa Claus and give presents to all the kids, and I think he enjoyed that a lot :) Only a few of the members ended up inviting friends, but it was still a really good opportunity for the few who came.

Well that's about it for the week, see you in a few days!! :)

Elder Hines

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