Monday, June 29, 2015

Revelation and Revelator

June 28, 2015

Things went really well with KH, we met, and it was really cool because we planned on teaching about baptism, but in the middle of the lesson, we both had the impression to teach the Restoration instead, and we were able to transition into that without saying anything to each other. It was so cool.

We haven't met Z or M for a couple weeks because it is like fasting month or something for them, so they're busy I guess. J actually lives on the other side of Daegu, almost a different city, so we are going to have to refer him to the missionaries in that area.

So a lot of pretty fun things happened this week, but I don't think I can remember them all. I'll try to give you some of the best ones.

So we were on the subway coming back from an appointment, and there was a guy, who when he saw us, immediately asked us if we were missionaries. He got super interested, and asked for our phone number right away. It was pretty exciting, especially when he asked us if he could meet with us later, maybe at our church. He asked us if we know the Bible very well, particularly Revelation. Then he started whispering, and looking over his shoulder every once in a while as the following conversation commenced:
"Do you know where heaven is?" 
"Not really." 
"I do. Do you you know when the second coming will be?" 
"No idea." 
"I do.  Most people think that they know Revelation, but they don't. Through Revelation, I can teach you the answers to these questions, and more."
I was like, okay, time to leave, this guy is creepy, but it didn't stop there. I asked him if, when we met later, it would be okay for us to share about our religion as well. He obviously didn't care at all about that, he just ignored the question and said: "Make sure you don't tell anyone else about what we talk about. Don't tell your pastor, don't tell other missionaries, don't tell anyone." I asked him why, and he said, "If you tell them about what I teach you, they will tell you not to meet with me anymore, since they don't understand Revelation."  But the thing is, this guy didn't seem crazy at all, he seemed like a completely normal person. It was super creepy. I have actually heard about this religion from Elder Payne, it's called "Shin-cheon-ji" which means "New World," and they are super obsessed with the book of Revelation, and try and prove tons of weird points with it. And they never listen to what you have to say, they are too brainwashed. Apparently they have to pass a test to prove their knowledge of Revelation before they can join the church. And they also sometimes try to infiltrate other religions and destroy them from the inside. Elder Payne heard about one guy who got baptized into our church, and then immediately started trying to convince all the other members that it wasn't true. So yeah, we won't be answering any of his phone calls any time soon :)

Yesterday in church, the missionaries did a presentation about member missionary work. It went really well, we shared the video, "You Never Know," and each of us talked a little bit about it. Then we gave each member a card thing to keep track of people they are trying to share the gospel with. It has a place to check off inviting them to do things like pray, read the scriptures, and meet the missionaries. It seemed like the members accepted it pretty well, so hopefully they get more involved in missionary work in the near future.

Elder Hines :)

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