Monday, June 15, 2015

Amazing Week

June 15, 2015

So we're having computer problems again, so I can't email for very long today, sorry.

This week was really amazing, we saw so many miracles here in Jungni. One of the members in our ward is a secretary at a hospital, and her boss is really interested in our church. So we met with him last Wednesday, and he seems like a super golden investigator. The only problem is that apparently his wife doesn't like our church very much, but we'll see how that goes. He is interested in studying the Bible, and also seems to think that the Book of Mormon is really interesting. He was happy to read part of it, and we're going to meet him every week on Wednesdays. It's super exciting, I haven't seen an investigator this prepared since LYH.

The other thing that was pretty exciting that happened was our investigator from Pakistan (did I tell you about him?) is apparently telling all of his friends about us, and just in the past week, we've gotten two referrals from him. One is Filipino and is interested in seeing our church building. The other is from Pakistan and wants to learn English. It's really cool because Z has literally no interest in our church, he just wants to learn English, but through him, lots more people are finding out about our church.

So for the picture with the kids, we always take off our shoes when we go into a house since this is Korea, but the floor in there is kind of gross, so they have slippers for us to wear. The stake English class thing was last Saturday and we sang "You Raise Me Up" together, Sister Park played piano, and I played violin. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are missionaries assigned to every ward/branch in Korea, in some wards it's more than one team. Apparently in Seoul there are some wards that have like ten or more missionaries.

Have a great week!


Elder Hines

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