Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Amazing Week

June 21, 2015

So the Filipino guy turned out to be a member, but he was really excited to have found a church he can go to. Apparently he was taking his clothes to get washed, and Z was there at the same time and saw his garments and asked if he was a Mormon. When he said yes, Z gave him our phone number. So it was pretty cool that he was in the right place at the right time, since he was having trouble finding a church. 

Not much happened with the doctor this week, because Elder Mitchell got sick and started throwing up in the middle of the appointment. But he took us to his hospital and was able to help Elder Mitchell out. He thinks it was food poisoning or something, but he wasn't sure. Haven't heard much from the other Pakistani since we weren't able to meet with him.

But something super cool happened this week. We went to meet T last night, and when he showed up, he had a Korean man with him. I recognized this Korean, and he recognized me, but we weren't sure where it was from. We finally figured out that we saw each other in Gumi (the city right next to Gimcheon). It was when Elder Payne and I were with the Gumi elders and were walking to a restaurant to eat, and he stopped us and talked to us. So the Gumi elders met with him a few times and taught him a little about the church, but then he moved to Daegu this spring. Anyway, so we had only met each other once before. Then yesterday he was looking for an English textbook because he is starting his own business of teaching English (he just goes by J) and he was hungry, so he stopped at McDonald's for dinner, and T happened to be there at the same time getting something to eat before he met us. J, for some reason, felt like he should talk to T, so he did, and when T told him he was on his way to meet with some Mormon missionaries, he asked J if he wanted to come with. So J came, and he told us that he thinks that it was God telling him to talk to T, because he wanted to meet the missionaries again but didn't know where they were. He is interested in studying the Book of Mormon, and so he wants to keep meeting with us. It was pretty amazing.

After telling you that, the rest of the week seems really boring, so I'll just leave it at that. The computers still are having problems, but I'll try sending pictures :) Have a great week!


Elder Hines

Spaghetti - Korean style
Service project: ripping the heads and guts off dried anchovies. Sister Park is next to Elder Hines; Elder Mitchell is on the right.
 'E World' Amusement Park - P Day visit

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