Monday, March 2, 2015

Good Times

March 1, 2015

It's so weird how fast time is going, February felt like no time at all, it's crazy.

When did you get the package? I'm glad you liked it, the ties are pretty epic, huh? Did you and Colton wear them to church and make everyone jealous? Cuz I would. Koreans know what they're doing when it comes to clothes, especially ties.

It's actually been colder here this past week too. It was pretty warm the week before, and then it got cold again. I've heard that Korea gets warm pretty early in the year though, so it shouldn't be cold too much longer.  

Well if you're referring to any time I read anything out of my scriptures, yeah, that happens multiple times a day. But if you mean actually sitting down and reading it, that's only once a day :)

I get fed plenty, food in Gimcheon is cheaper than normal, so I've been able to save a lot of money. And the members are really nice and feed us every once in a while. Koreans are really generous and hospitable (is that a word? I forgot :)) when it comes to having people over. Even if they weren't planning on feeding us, they will still offer to make something if we haven't eaten yet. And they will always keep bringing more food out until my stomach is about to burst. . 

We're actually living on a pentagon diet. Hotdogs (we found them for super cheap here), manna from heaven (chicken), bokkeumbap (delicious fried rice and vegetables), McDonald's, and Mom's Touch ("New Orleans-Style" chicken sandwiches). And then whatever the members decide to feed us once or twice a week.

So our investigator has been as amazing as ever. We were at the church on Saturday working on something on the computer, and he just showed up randomly, so we taught him a lesson. We run into him all the time, especially at the church. He also got up in Sacrament meeting yesterday to bear his testimony, something our members have a really hard time with. He's just way more active than any of our actual members are, it's so cool. I don't remember if I told you this already, but he even considers himself a member. He came to English class, and one of the other students asked if he was a member, and he told them yes. We just had to explain to the other student that he is only almost a member since he isn't baptized yet. He still smokes sometimes, but I think he's trying really hard to stop. 

After MCM this week, our mission leader took us out to eat, and bought us something called 닭발 (dalkbal) which is chicken feet. It was pretty delicious. Well, the flavor was pretty good, but the texture was terrible. It didn't have bones, so it was mostly skin and cartilage. I know, sounds gross huh? Not my favorite, I'll just stick with brains and raw eggs. 

For the youth activities we usually do the same thing, just play Bang or Uno, sometimes Ping-Pong as well.  We were only able to meet with the Korean from Kansas City that one time, ever since then he's "been in Seoul". I think he just doesn't want to meet with us.  Nothing new, the going to Seoul excuse isn't original at all. Still haven't met with WJ, but we have a for sure appointment set up for this week.

So last week we met a guy on the street who showed a lot of interest in us, so we got his number and gave him ours. He seemed a little special, but didn't think much of it. Then as we were walking home, he called us twice, just to ask where we were. It was kind of weird, but again, didn't think much of it. But that night, he called us at 10:48, 1:08, 3:28, 4:53, and 7:53. We have to leave the phone on since it's our alarm, so he just kept waking us up, it was so annoying. And then he hasn't called since then. Anyway, i figured you would find that funny :)

Anyway, I hope you have a great week.  We are going to Jikjisa which is a Buddhist temple here in Gimcheon, so that's why I'm emailing so early.

I love you too!
Elder Hines

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