Monday, March 30, 2015

So Excited!!

March 29, 2015

Yeah, it was a really fun p day, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures :) I can totally imagine Natilee laughing at that. I'm glad I made her day :)  There is actually a little Korean girl in this ward who reminds me of Natilee, it's pretty funny :)

Yeah, CJH kept the Book of Mormon, I think he is pretty interested in reading it too. It's too bad that he is busy with military service right now, he seems like a golden investigator.

Guess what?? Yesterday during church, LYH texted me and said that he is planning on getting baptized next Sunday!! I'm so excited, I didn't expect him to be baptized for quite a while, so it was really surprising. So next Sunday I will most likely go to TongYeong for the baptism, I can't wait!

I haven't had very many chances to go shopping, but I might today after lunch.

So this past week, we decided to make brownies for all of the members we visit. But when we went to the store, brownie mix was like five bucks for a little box of it. So instead, we used one of the cookie recipes that I brought with me. We didn't have like half the ingredients, so I had to improvise a lot. I feel like this could be some show on the Food Network, cooking in a foreign land with limited access to the correct ingredients. And the goal is to get the end result as close to the real thing as possible. We didn't have shortening, and only a little butter, so I had to fill in the rest with soybean oil. And the only sugar we had was brown sugar, and it was nothing like normal brown sugar. The texture was closer to white sugar. Anyway, they actually turned out pretty decent. My companion thinks they are delicious. They aren't as good as they are supposed to be, but not too bad :) It was a pretty fun adventure.

I got your package last week, that was super fast. Thank you so much! I really like the green tie, I even took a picture to show you :) The talks you sent are really good. And if I speak honestly, I felt really nerdy getting excited that you sent the Character of Christ talk. I got your letter last week too, so it was basically Christmas last week :)

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Elder Hines^^

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