Monday, February 23, 2015

Fun Week

February 22, 2015

Today the subject said, "most-loved son." I knew it, thanks for finally admitting it :) [We use Google Translate to write something in Korean on the subject line when we write Chris, sometimes it actually works]

Our week was actually surprisingly busy compared to what I expected. We went to our mission leader's house and ate lunch. And then on Friday, the mission leader for Gumi Ward invited us over to play games, and we played UNO, ping pong, and Bang (have you heard of that? It’s a card game that's really popular in Korea, and really fun). On Friday, LH invited us to play sports with him and one of the YM in our ward that he really likes. So we played soccer, basketball, and baseball.  It was super fun, LH even had a full out baseball uniform with soccer cleats :) On Saturday, he came to our youth activity and showed me these books he has with a bunch of 70s/80s songs with the lyrics written out. He brought a keyboard too, and had me play the chord progressions for the songs while he sang them. He's just a really fun guy. 

I'm glad your talk went well, which of my experiences did you share?

Oh, I figured out that hymn that I really like that I never heard until I came to Korea. It's called, The Time is Far Spent, hymn #266. I also really like Come, Ye Children of the Lord. The Korean hymn book doesn't have Let Zion in her Beauty Rise, so I have to get by without it :)

I just finished a letter for you, hopefully I will get a chance to send it soon.

I love you too!

Elder Hines

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