Monday, March 23, 2015

P Day Fun

March 22, 2015

So there are four people in the Dogye area, and my companion is the only Korean, so we have three people to teach English class. So it works out fine. We split it into three classes, basic, intermediate, and advanced, and we each teach one of them. It's really fun, teaching English class is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a missionary.

I don't have a ton of time for email today, but I will tell you about one of the best experiences from this past week. We were doing an exchange with Elder Jackson, one of the zone leaders (do you remember him? I went on exchange with him in Tongyeong) and he just went with both my companion and me. So it was all three of us, and we went out to proselyte in the afternoon. It was raining really hard, so no one wanted to talk to us, and it was getting really discouraging. After a while, Elder Jackson turned to us and was like, "let's find a new investigator." So we said a prayer together, and then started again to try and find as many people as we could. We still weren't able to talk to very many people, and went for maybe an hour like that before something happened. We were walking, and a guy passed us, walking really fast. I was thinking, whatever, he is obviously super busy, but Elder Gim started jogging and came up behind him and asked him where he was going. Honestly, at that time I was thinking that Elder Gim was being super awkward and there was no way this guy was going to talk to us. If someone came up behind me and asked where I was going, I would be really weirded out. But this guy willingly accepted the Book of Mormon that was offered. Elder Gim asked him if there was a time we could meet later to talk about the book. He said that he is in the military right now, and today is his only break day for a while, but that we could meet in a couple hours. So we agreed to meet at a cafe a few hours later. When we met him, we talked a little bit, and taught the restoration. This guy was super interested, and was even taking notes of the things we were telling him, something I have never seen before from an investigator. He really liked everything we told him, it was amazing. But since he is in the military, he won't be able to meet with missionaries for the next year and a half. So we can only hope that missionaries are able to contact him when he gets back.

Anyway, other than that, not a lot else happened this week, but that experience was so amazing, it doesn't really matter :)

Oh yeah, today for p day, we went to Miryang, the other area in our district, and went on a hike, and after we finish emailing we are going to have a BBQ.  I'll send you some pictures of the hike :)


Elder Hines

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