Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jungni Ward Family

April 27, 2015

Dear Family,

My area is a lot smaller than all my previous areas, just since it is in a big city, so there are more people. But strangely enough, there is still no one on the street. It's so frustrating, because there are so many people, just not in places where we can talk to them easily. The ward had about 50 people come to church yesterday, so decent size. We have investigators, but no progressing investigators. A couple of our investigators are foreigners, one from the Middle East, and one from Canada, I think. We have yet to meet them since they're too busy, but hopefully we can soon. Elder Koo has been here for one transfer before me. 

Jungni ward is super fun, I am coming to love it a lot already. There are a ton of members who are YM/young adult age (17-25ish) and they are all super fun, we play basketball with them every Friday night, and we also have a FHE activity at the church every Monday evening. One of them who is the same age as me has a mission call, and is leaving in June to go to the Washington Federal Way Mission. His mom is having him practice teaching the first lesson to us in English so he can practice. He is super fun and really friendly, I feel like we are already super good friends. The whole ward is kind of like that though, they are all really friendly with each other, and it just feels like a big family with all of them. Right now we are planning a party that we are going to have next month, and it will be Harry Potter-themed. It's mostly the missionaries who are planning it, and we have some pretty fun games and stuff planned so far. From this we hope to get lots of less active members and non-members to come, so that should be pretty good. If you happen to have any ideas for Harry Potter-type games, let me know :)

Anyway, I hope you have a great week! I'll try to send some pictures :)


Elder Hines

Elder Hines and Elder Koo

Elders Hines & Gim HyeonMo with the Ward Mission Leader & young men in Changwon

Elders with the Dogye ward bishop

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