Monday, May 4, 2015

Testifying is Powerful

May 3, 2015

Dear Family,

I really like reading the New Testament, too. This upcoming Zone Conference in a couple weeks is actually going to be focused on the Sacrament, so that is a cool coincidence.

So there are two foreign investigators that we are teaching, I think I mentioned them last week, but we got to finally meet both of them yesterday. The first one is from Pakistan, and he mostly just wants to learn English, so we teach him English and then gospel. He has really strong faith in the Islamic religion, and I don't think he really takes to heart what we teach him. Which I can understand, if someone was teaching me about Islam, I would just take it more as something education, not really spiritual. He is really nice, but has a hard time understanding a lot of what we teach. I really wish that I knew more about what Muslims believe, I think it would be really helpful. If you know anything, I would appreciate it a lot :)

The other foreigner is from Canada, and he is Calvinist or something like that. He has really strong faith in Jesus Christ, stronger than a lot of members of our church actually. It's really impressive. He is really into theology, and seems pretty open to new ideas as well. He said that his parents were actually first generation pioneers of his religion to come from the Netherlands and start a community in Canada. Anyway, he is pretty fun to talk to, he really likes discussing religion. We normally give him something from the Book of Mormon to read, and he gives us something from the Bible to read, and then we teach each other about it. He had really good insights, yesterday he shared Mark 5 about the man who was possessed by a bunch of devils. We shared 2 Nephi 31, and talked about baptism. After he read the chapter, he said that he liked how it was packed full of doctrine, but he didn't think that it was very organized. He said that the writer doesn't seem to know what he's saying, since there isn't a clear direction, or something like that. And then he said that it isn't very consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Let me tell you, it was super hard not to argue. . .  Anyway, after he said that, I realized that all I could really do was testify, so I did, and the result was amazing. He totally backed off, and actually seemed like he started to agree with me. It's kind of hard to describe what happened, but I definitely learned how powerful bearing testimony can be.

I don't really know how much Koreans like Harry Potter. The theme was decided before I got here. My companion said that only the younger generation knows anything about it, and that it was popular maybe 5 years ago or so, but not too much anymore.

I hope you have a great week!


Elder Hines

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