Monday, April 13, 2015

A Visit to Tongyeong

April 12, 2015

This week was really good, especially yesterday because of the baptism. It was super fun to go back to Tongyeong and see all the members again. I'll send you some pictures of the baptism, Elder Suter baptized him, and he asked the stake president, Elder Suter, and me to help confirm him, so it was really cool. Oh yeah, and we did a musical number, which was pretty good for how little we practiced it.  It was a medley of "I'm Trying to be like Jesus," and "Savior may I learn to love Thee," and I played piano, one of the sisters played violin, and the rest of the missionaries sang.

Because of the baptism, I didn't get to watch all of the Sunday sessions of conference, but hopefully I will get a chance to soon. I really liked the talks about grace, I can't remember who it was off the top of my head though. Sorry I didn't prepare for your questions :)

Work in Changwon is great, I love it. We only have one investigator, and she is 12 and a daughter of a less active member. I honestly don't feel like she is very interested, she just listens because her dad tells her to. I don't know why, but we are having a really hard time finding people to teach in this area. In my previous areas, we started out with nothing and were able to build up, but here it feels like we are stuck in a rut. But it's still good, I love the members, and not just because they feed us :)  They are really fun/funny, and super nice to us.

We made cookies again this week, and they were way better, they were super good. But for some reason they keep turning out really hard after I cook them. I think it's the lack of butter/shortening, does that sound right? But other than that, they are really good. Which is good, so the members don't have to pretend to like them anymore :)

At one of the dinner appointments we had this week, one of the things they fed us was something called "ggeop-de-gi."  It was pig skin with a sauce on it. The flavor wasn't too bad, but it was really chewy, and there was hair in the skin still. I'm surprised I didn't throw up, it was pretty disgusting. I don't know what is up with Koreans and their obsession with skin and fat, but they love including it in the food they make. Or in this case, get rid of the delicious, succulent meat and just eat the skin. Wonderful idea, why haven't Americans thought of that yet?

Anyway, that was my week, it was pretty fun :)

I love you!

Elder Hines

Elder Hines, Elder Suter, LYH, Tongyeong Elders

Watching General Conference

'A rare Korean bird in it's natural habitat'

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