Wednesday, February 4, 2015


February 1, 2015


Our branch meets on the second floor of a building above a dance studio. It's pretty fun because we get to listen to K Pop during church sometimes. We actually have way more youth than we did in Tongyeong, even though it is smaller.  We have three YM and four YW who come regularly. The YM are teacher age, and so they pass the sacrament, and our ward mission leader and one of the missionaries blesses it each week. There aren't any primary age children. They just rotate through the members on who speaks in Sacrament Meeting. Elder Payne and I haven't spoken other than our introduction talk. There are only like seven adults at most that come, so yeah, they have to speak quite often. I'm sure they realize that through member missionary work they can boost their numbers, but it's just like anywhere else, including Utah, where member missionary work is just hard to do for most people. They are trying really hard, but I think they are just scared about talking to people they know about the gospel. We actually just got two referrals from our ward mission leader yesterday. I didn't even know that many referrals were possible in Korea. We asked him to set the example for the branch, and so he did. It was pretty awesome . . . 

As far as the computer I use, the last couple weeks we have been using other computers. Last week we emailed at the library, since we emailed on a Tuesday. Normally the library is closed on Mondays, just like everything else in Korea. And the week before, we just went to the church and used that computer just to send pictures.

Oh yeah, the new elder in Gumi who replaced Elder Jung is Elder Glover, and he is actually in the group right younger than me from the MTC. Him coming basically saved my life, since he had Lord of the Rings music on his mp3 player. So Elder Payne and I jumped on the opportunity to put it on ours. We're a lot happier now :)

Have a great week, I love you!

Elder Hines

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