Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It Was So Cool

January 26, 2015

So for transfer day, everyone who is transferring goes to Busan, and then just anyone else who wants to go. But only the people who are transferring get refunded on travel expenses. Neither of us transferred, but there was this lady doing a test thing for her Doctorate's degree where she needed foreigners who spoke Korean. Elder Payne was one of the lucky chosen ones, so we got refunded. Transfer meeting is just 10am-12, and all the missionaries who are leaving bare their testimony, the office elders and the APs give announcements, and President and Sister Barrow give talks. And there are usually a few musical numbers. We had to get up at like 5 in the morning and catch a train at 6 so we could be there in time, since Gimcheon is so far away. We didn't get back until close to 6pm because of Elder Payne's test he had to do.  But it was good since I got some good nap time in :)

We spent most of this past week preparing for a play we did on Saturday as part of a fireside in Gumi, just showing the ward members what missionary work is like, and then talked about how they could help. It turned out really well; one lady told me afterward that, based on what I said in the play, she thought that I had been in Korea for at least a year.  It almost made me feel good about myself, except the play was completely scripted, so not really. :)

You like the wallpaper in my apartment?  That's Korea for you; almost all apartments are like that in Korea.  Elder Jung and I are standing in front of a less-active member's house.  It's not decorated for Valentine's Day; missionaries just heart attack members' houses to make them feel loved. :)

For Korean chicken, just imagine fried chicken that is way better than KFC, and then put indescribably delicious sauce all over it. And if you're smart, you get it without bones. It's basically the closest thing to heaven that I've ever come across. Yes, it's spicy, but that's a good thing. :)

So something pretty cool happened this week. We were on the train back from Gumi, and Elder Payne and I had separate seats. After I sat down, an older guy sat down next to me and said, "how are you?" in English. I was like, sweet, he knows English, this is going to be easy...but it turned out that he didn't know much more than that. But as I started speaking in Korean to him, I was somehow able to say what I wanted to, without really having to think about it. It just came.  And I was able to understand most of what he said, which is a miracle, since older people are really hard to understand.  I'm not joking, it's like they speak a language other than Korean or English. I talked to him for a while, and he said he was a Seventh Day Adventist. I tried to give him a Restoration pamphlet, but he totally rejected it. Apparently he has seen missionaries a lot before, and talked to them. He said he lives in Busan, so there's not much we can do as far as teaching him, but it was a really cool experience. When we got off the train, Elder Payne said when he saw the guy sit down next to me, he was like, "get him, Elder Hines" and then immediately started praying for me to have the gift of tongues. And it totally worked! It was so cool. :)

Have a great week, I love you!

Elder Hines

Elder Hines & his district

Bulgogi (beef in sweet marinade) & Garlic pizza, delicious Korean chicken

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