Monday, June 20, 2016

Serving in South America

June 19, 2016

Dear Family,

Elder Kim says he feels the same, if not worse. The doctor (he's an American, retired doctor, serving as a senior missionary in Japan) called last night and asked me about it. He's getting worried because usually concussions usually start getting better after a couple weeks. Not sure what to do there. He's already had two blessings, one from Elder Suttner and me, and one from President Barrow.

The guitar I've been practicing on is one that was just already in the house.  It's not uncommon for missionaries here to buy a guitar and carry it around throughout their missions, and then just leave it in their last area when they go home. So a lot of houses have random guitars in them. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the guitar is the only reason I haven't died of boredom yet.

The American food that sounds the best right now is probably lasagna/stuffed shells, or maybe real pizza. Koreans have lasagna and pizza, but it's not that good. Are you going to feed the missionaries spaghetti? Just curious... :)

English class is going really well, and the Chilean family has been there consistently.  They like the class a lot, and the dad always tells us how much he appreciates the messages at the end. On Saturday, we had a ward activity right after English class, and they came to that as well. For the activity we played a bunch of water games in the parking lot of the church (I've probably mentioned before, there are no parks/grass in Korea), and then made and ate Patbingsu (팥빙수--have I told you about it before? It's a really good Korean dessert). Anyway, the family liked it a lot, and it was a really good opportunity because they got to talk to some of the members who speak English. And the best part is, they invited Elder Kim and me over to their house this Wednesday to eat lunch, and they're preparing Mexican food (apparently Mexican food is better than Chilean food, or so they say).  o it will be an amazing opportunity, not only do we get Mexican food (which for some reason Koreans hate, so Elder Kim will have fun) but it's the perfect opportunity to start teaching them. I can't wait, this must be what it's like, serving in South America...

Well, have a wonderful week!

Elder Hines

Dinner at the Bishop's house

District last transfer

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