Monday, June 13, 2016

Last Transfer!

June 12, 2016

Dear Family,

Yep, today was transfers.  I'm still in Jinhae, and still the district leader. Elder Suttner left to a different area, and now it's just Elder Kim and me here in Jinhae.

As far as the concussion goes, it seems like it might be a little more serious that we were thinking.  Yesterday morning the area medical authority called and said that it could take a few months for Elder Kim to fully recover, and if we work him too hard before he is completely recovered, it might result in permanent damage.  So it's pretty likely I might just be spending my last transfer inside with Elder Kim and his bruised brain. 

The members are really supportive and helpful though.  Last week when they found out about his injury, the bishop's wife got really worried and has had someone from the Relief Society stop by our house and bring us meals at least once a day throughout all of last week.  It was amazing.  In the US they do that kind of thing pretty often, but Koreans are just always so busy.  I had never heard of the members in Korea taking care of other members like that before.

Anyway, since we've been stuck inside all week, we've just done things like calling members/contacts/people in the area book, cleaning the church, learning guitar (I can play like three songs now!), and tending to a dying companion.  I guess one good thing about it is that I have a ton of time to myself to study the scriptures.  Normally the only study time we have is spent studying for investigators, but now I have plenty of time to study whatever I want :)

English class was pretty fun last week because there was a family from Chile we found on the street a few weeks ago who came.  The dad and daughter are really good at English, but they have three sons who are pretty bad at it.  It's kind of hard to teach them because I don't know any Spanish, and if there were any words or phrases I knew from before my mission, they've been replaced with Korean.  But it's fun because we actually have people to teach now.  But speaking of English class, I'm now the only white person in Jinhae (Sister Rix left and a Korean sister came) so I have no idea how we're going to teach English to people who want to learn from a native'll be interesting.

Elder Kim went to the picnic, but just stayed at the picnic tables while we went on the hike around the lake.  It really looks like Utah?  I guess I forgot what Utah looks like...

Well that was my week! It was great fun, trust me :) Have a wonderful week!

Elder Hines

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