Monday, June 6, 2016

A Week on the Inside

June 5, 2016

Dear Family,

There isn't much to talk about this week.  We literally spent all week just hanging out at the house because Elder Kim is dying.  We took him to the hospital last week, and they did a CT.  Thinking that he had internal bleeding in his brain, they recommending we take an MRI, so we did that as well.  Upon taking the MRI, it turned out that his brain wasn't really destroyed, and it just maybe got bruised.  So he is supposed to rest for two weeks and hopefully everything should be okay.  This week has just been basically an on and off nap for Elder Kim, and I'm about to die from muscle deterioration being inside all day every day.  I'm not sure what's going on, because according to Elder Kim, his condition is the exact same as it was when he first got it.  So it's either not getting better, or he's pulling a Carleigh on us and dragging it out as long as possible.  Hopefully after another week of doing nothing it should get better.

Sister Rix gave me microwave popcorn (I think she read my mind) and granola bars.

We haven't been able to meet GYL because we've been trapped inside.  I was able to get a hold of HHW though, and apparently he's just been really busy with work and school.  He said he would come to church, and then he didn't show up yesterday, so I guess we're back to square one.

Hey has McDonalds in the US started the new signature burgers? and if so, have you tried them? They came out May 27, and it's probably one of the best hamburgers I've had in Korea.  I didn't feel like I was at McDonalds, it felt like a real, high-quality hamburger.  I was so impressed that I took a picture:

We also had a ward picnic this week up the canyon.  Everyone brought food, and we ate together and went on a bit of a hike up to a reservoir. 

This is what we do when we have nothing to do at our house.  It's called "Bing-su," made from frozen milk; we used a knife to grind it up into flakes, and then put chocolate syrup and rice cake (the think on the right) on top.  It's super good, I'll show you how to make it in a couple months :)

Elder Hines

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