Sunday, October 25, 2015

Staying Busy

October 25, 2015

Dear Family,

Things are going well here, we had another super busy week...I guess that's just life in Daeshin Branch :)  I went on exchange with the zone leaders, and I went to Haeundae.  It was really fun actually, I met a ton of really interesting people. One of them was a member named BY, he's like 80 or 90 and living in a rest home right now. He has Alzheimer's, but is still really good at English. It's so impressive, I've never met someone so old like that who can speak English. Anyway, he is kind of famous in Korea, he was one of the first leaders of the church in Korea. When the church was brand new here in the 60's, there was one branch for all of Busan area, and the meeting house was the Daeshin church. President Hinckley was here overseeing the church, and called Brother B out of a crowd and asked him to be baptized and become President of the Busan Branch, all at once, and he accepted. So that is Brother B's conversion story, pretty cool, huh?

Besides that, we've been spending most of our time preparing for two big activities, one in Goejeong, and the other in Sujeong, for Halloween. We were originally going to just help with the one in Goejeong, but the Sujeong elders needed more help, so we've been helping them too. At the Goejeong activity they are going to show a video, the missionaries will do a skit, and stuff like that, it's more of a show than an activity I guess. The one in Sujeong is going to be way more fun though, they are going to do Halloween games and have a haunted house in the upstairs of the church. The missionaries are basically running the whole thing there, so that's why they need lots of people.

Do you remember KH, the Bible-basher? And the lady that he brought the first time to translator? When we met her, we weren't able to get her phone number or give her ours, so we were really disappointed because she seemed really prepared. But just a couple days ago, I think it was Friday, we were walking down the street, and she was waiting at a bus stop. I didn't recognize her at first, but she stopped us, and we were able to get her phone number. She said she lost the Book of Mormon we gave her, so I gave her a new one. She wanted a new "Joseph Smith the Prophet" pamphlet, which we didn't have with us at the time, but she told us to drop it by her husband's barber shop, which is fairly close to the church. It was an amazing miracle, and just shows how this is God's work, and He is in control of what is going on. He won't let little things get in the way of prepared people hearing about His gospel. And a funny side note, I need a haircut super bad, and have been trying to find a good place. Isn't that amazing how that worked out?

And to answer your other question, the song we are singing for choir is called "우리의작은섬," "Our Small Island." It's about an island in between Korea and Japan called Dokdo. It's basically the Jerusalem of the Orient, Korea and Japan have been fighting over who owns it for a long time. But the song is supposed to be a patriotic song or something. The branches don't usually combine for meetings other than Stake Conference. The choir isn't even really a combined branch choir, it's mostly Goejeong members, and like half of the choir is missionaries.

Elder Hines

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