Tuesday, October 13, 2015

General Conference

October 11, 2015

​This week we have been really busy, and have had almost no free time. Just since the missionaries do everything here, we've been trying to get things ready for people to watch General Conference at the church, cleaning the church, and then Daeshin Grandma had a ton of errands for us to. But anyway, general conference was really good, but we haven't watched all of it yet. Yesterday we had to go to choir practice in the afternoon, so tonight we are going to watch the Sunday afternoon session. I don't understand why we had choir practice during general conference...for some reason a lot of the members in Korea don't seem to think that it's very important. No one came to the church on Saturday to watch it, and on Sunday a lot of people left after the morning session.
Sorry, I'm just really not in the mood for typing a long email today, but I'll tell you one story from this week. It's with Kim Hyeon-Cheol, the guy who is trying to convert us. My new companion thought it was really entertaining. He like took us out to eat, shared his conversion story with us, and bore his testimony even. I feel like an investigator when we meet him. Then we went to his church with him, where he showed us episode two of seven preacher videos that are two hours each. I tried asking if it was okay if we shared something about are beliefs since we haven't been able to yet, and they just said that we can after we watch the videos. So basically they have no interest. After the video ended, we kind of got into a Bible bash with them. They think that the Garden of Eden and heaven are the same place, that Adam and Eve were happy in the garden, and because they partook of the fruit, we can't be happy. And then the infamous scripture at the very end of Revelations that says if anyone adds to this book, God will curse them.  Nothing they said made any sense, but they wouldn't listen to anything we said. There is a scripture in Deuteronomy that says the exact same, so if that means what they say it means, then all of the NT is a lie. But they just denied everything we told them. There's no way we can teach them anything in that kind of environment. My companion and I talked about it, and we're going to try and meet one or two more times and see what happens, but we will probably be avoiding them in the future.

The last two weeks for p day we had the fitness day and transfer meeting, so we couldn't do anything. This week we are going to go to Nampo and Busan Tower with the district.

Have a great week!

Elder Hines

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