Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daeshin Branch

August 26, 2015

​Well, I got transferred, if you didn't figure that out yet. Right now I am in the city of Busan, serving in Daeshin Branch​. It's actually the south Busan zone, so we're right on the ocean. My companion is Elder Seo Jeong-beom, and we have been given the assignment to be co-district leaders (normally there is only one district leader per district, but "co-district leader" is a new thing that President Barrow just started this transfer, he thinks it will be more effective). So I've suddenly received a lot of stress because now I am responsible for more than myself and my companion, but I'm excited :)

Daeshin is one of the most famous areas in the mission, for multiple reasons. The church building is the oldest in Korea (not the first, just the oldest). There is such a lack of priesthood holders that the branch president isn't even a member of this ward. So the missionaries basically run everything here. There are only ten people at most who come every week. Oh, and do you remember "tie guy?" Well he's in my area. We have one of the biggest shopping areas in the mission, and that is where he is. The missionary house is also probably the smallest in the mission. It's literally one room, and it has a bed in the corner that takes up a quarter of the room. The kitchen takes up another quarter, and all our stuff is crammed in the remaining space. It has a comfortable feel to it though, so it's okay :) Anyway, that's all I know about the area so far, but let me know if you have any questions.

We weren't able to meet Z again last week, and he didn't come to church. I'm sure he will keep meeting with the missionaries, but I don't really know anything about that. So BH is this guy we met who is the owner of a coffee shop. He has been Buddhist most of his life, but he lived in Utah for a little bit, as well as other places in the US, and since he has been back in Korea he has been wondering about religion a lot. He said that the day we walked into his shop, he was thinking about the things he heard about Mormons, and thought it would be cool to learn about their religion. What a coincidence, right? So we have been visiting him once a week for the past three weeks or so, and he always has a ton of questions for us, and basically asks for reading assignments from pamphlets or the Book of Mormon. He said that in a couple months he won't be as busy with his job, and then he wants to come to our church meeting.

Haven't been able to meet with T for a while, and he is going back to Canada for a couple months, so that will be a while before the missionaries meet him again. We still meet KH, regularly. When he found out that I was leaving, he drove to our house and brought us pizza and some t-shirts as a present for me, and introduced us to his family.

That's all I can think of for the week, whenever I transfer, my short-term memory of the previous area goes out the window. I can barely remember last week at all, so hopefully nothing interesting happened... :)

Have a great week!

Elder Hines

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