Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Week in the Books

August 9, 2015

Dear Family,

Actually, I feel less adventurous now than when I first came to Korea. When I first came, I was basically willing to try any food, but now that I've tried a lot of Korean food, I don't really branch out as much. But I had to try dog meat, because you can't live in Asia and not eat it, right? :) So I don't think Koreans totally look down on eating dog meat, but a lot of people think that it's weird. I asked Sister Park about it, and it's mostly just older people who eat it because they think that it's healthy. A long time ago people ate it when there was nothing else to eat, but now that part of their culture is starting to die off in the younger generation. No, they don't just kill stray dogs :) They actually have dog markets where they raise and sell them. They're not very common, but I think there are a couple in Busan. Lots of Koreans have dogs for pets, but I haven't seen too many Koreans with cats for pets. Mostly just stray cats.

Sister Park's companion is pretty fun, but they never do anything with us. They are always studying since Sister Cooper is a trainee and thinks she needs to be studying all the time. Elder Mitchell and I and the two sisters are all assigned to Jungni Ward, and that's it. Normally Elders only have one ward to worry about, but it's fairly common for Sisters to be assigned to two wards or branches.

The weather here has actually been pretty weird. In Jungni area, it hasn't rained for over a month now, but in Suseong (which is the next area over and part of the same city) there was a major downpour. My companion was on exchanges there at the time, and said it felt like he was just walking through a swimming pool because there was so much water coming down. Luckily our apartment has AC, we would literally die if there wasn't. It's interesting, because for some reason when you use the AC and the temperature of the room goes down, the humidity almost completely goes away. Maybe it's just not noticeable when it's cool. Yeah, Koreans don't use deodorant, and deodorant is basically impossible to find here. But Koreans actually have a reason for not using it. For some reason, they just don't have body odor. It's really weird, because I haven't really smelled body odor since I was in the MTC. Koreans also don't sweat as easily, so maybe that's why they don't have body odor. They sweat when they eat though, which is kind of weird, but that's besides the point. So no bad BO smells, just kimchi and sewage :)

Not much happened this week, we weren't able to meet very many people. On Wednesday, our mission leader took us out to lunch, and after that we were planning with the sisters when another member came to the church and wanted to play ping-pong with us. So that day was shot. Thursday we had Zone Conference all day. And on Saturday we had a ward picnic all day. It was really fun, I'll send you a few pictures. We went up in the mountains and hung out by this river and just ate and talked and stuff for most of the day. We got quite a few non-members to come, so it wasn't a total waste of time :) So like half our week was taken up with other stuff, and the people who we had time to meet cancelled on us, so that was kind of depressing. We don't really do much together with our district or zone, so I don't really have anything to say about that.  Today we had a zone p-day though, we just hung out and had lunch together. Nothing much, but it was pretty fun.

I think I got off on a lot of tangents there, hopefully I answered your questions. Have a great week!


Elder Hines

Sushi Buffet

Daegu Zone Conference

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