Monday, December 29, 2014


December 21, 2014

My companion is great, he's super funny. He's from Oklahoma City, but unfortunately doesn't have a cool accent :)

Gimcheon is great, no complaints, except how cold it is and that the elders before us left us with only one investigator.

So yesterday we went out to eat as a branch after church. Yeah I know, pretty weird, but I guess that's just how Korea is, they don't see the Sabbath the same way that we do. The food we had was what I like to call "mystery mash." It was a ton of bean sprouts, with random stuff mixed in, mostly seafood. It had crab legs, with the shell (which was super annoying), oysters, and the spine, brain, and other organs of some unknown creature. Yeah, pretty disgusting. I just tried to think of the organs as crab meat, since they were white and a similar texture, and that help a lot, especially since the lady sitting next to me kept putting more on my plate. The brain wasn't half bad, kinda salty actually. Somehow I managed to get full and not feel too much like throwing up.

We have bikes in this area, it's one of the only areas in the mission with them. They are pieces of garbage though. The brakes don't work, the seat is terrible, the back tire has to be pumped up before every use, and they sound like they are going to fall apart any day. So we probably won't be using them too much.

I already told you about Skype, so I will call you around 8:00pm for you. Talk to you then, I can't wait!


Elder Hines

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