Sunday, November 16, 2014

Terrifying, But Fun

November 16, 2014

We're having a zone p-day today, so I don't have very much time to email, but I'll tell you what I can :)

We went to that island last week for p-day, and it was really cool. I sent you the pictures of it. We even got to do a little bit of a hike in our suits :) There was a cool Buddhist temple/sanctuary or something like that at the top of a hill. I'm pretty sure it was just a tourist thing, but it was still really interesting. Hopefully the pictures do it justice.

On Tuesday, I did a companion exchange with a missionary who just got here. It was super scary, since I barely had more experience than he did, and suddenly I was supposed to be the one who knew what he was doing and could communicate in Korean. It was terrifying, but really fun too, since I found out that it's actually possible for me to survive in Korea without someone who is more experienced. At least for one day... :) 

As far as missionary work, this week has been pretty lame. All our appointments have been falling through, so we haven't really had a lot to do. That's okay though, it just gives us opportunities to find more people, right? :)

Have a great week, I love you!

Elder Hines

From the top of the ferry
A bay on the island we visited

The first Korean dish I've made completely by myself.  It's called 볶음밥 (boggeumbap) if you're wondering.
Exchange with Elder Quiroz :)

At the bottom of the undersea tunnel

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