Monday, May 2, 2016

Transfer to Jinhae

May 1, 2016

Dear Family,

It was a really good last week in Gimhae (yes, I got transferred, but I'll get to that). On Tuesday we went to Jinyoung to visit the investigator there and we taught a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon.  He is probably the most prepared/readily accepting of what we say/most understanding person I've ever found on the street.  He had a ton of questions about what we do as missionaries, and even, without us saying anything about it, said, "You're probably going to invite me to church, right? I'm really busy on Sundays, but I'll try to make time to come."  We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said it was a "really good gift," and that he'll "read it through a few times."  I about fell over dead from amazement, up until this point I was pretty convinced that real golden investigators didn't exist in Korea, because every time I've found someone who seemed that prepared, it has always been too good to be true, and something else happens.  We went back to visit again on Friday, and were able to teach a really good lesson of the Restoration that lasted a good two hours because he had so many questions.  In those three days since he got the Book of Mormon, he had read over 30 pages of it, and each time when he read it, went back and read it twice to make sure he understood it.  He said he will try to read all of it as soon as possible, and we didn't even have to ask him. Too bad I had to leave, there's no way he's not getting baptized soon.

When we met JHB this past week, for some reason he decided to sign Elder Johnstun and me up for some speech conference thing.  It was supposed to be at a nakji restaurant, so we went there and waited for 45 minutes for people to show up, but only two people did, and we just sat around and talked the whole time.  It was kind of weird.  But we were able to share the message we had prepared for Brother Jung in front of all of them.  We shared about James 1:5 and getting answers from God, and they all seemed really interested in what we were saying, even if it was catered to Brother Jung.  I'm still not sure what the conference was supposed to be though, he made it sound like we would have to give a speech in front of a bunch of people, but nothing really happened.

Saturday night is when transfer calls came, and they informed me that I would transfer to a place called Jinhae, which is technically part of Changwon city, so it's right next to Dogye, and actually not too far from Gimhae either.  I received the call to be district leader again, so that's exciting.  But the really interesting part is my companion.  Two transfers ago, Elder Aurich (remember him, right? you saw him at Christmas) left Gimhae, also going to Jinhae.  I was thinking that I would end up replacing him, but he is actually my companion now!  Isn't that crazy?  We've basically been following each other for the past year.  When I was in Daeshin, he was a trainee in my district, then we both transferred to the same house in Gimhae, and now we're companions.  If it's not that exciting to you, that's okay :)

On Sunday, it was really sad saying goodbye to all the members I've been serving around for the past six months.  Gimhae has been one of my favorite areas, so I'm so glad I got to serve there for as long as I did.  Saturday night I tried calling all of our investigators to tell them I'm leaving so they better come to church to say goodbye to me.  [One of them] didn't answer, but after church the next day, he send me a really funny text in English.  Here's word for word what it said: "DEAR ELDER Hines, Johnstun! I am so sorry. because I can not go to there. What am I supposed to do with the liking I have for you? Am I supposed to let it leave? Will we ever meet again? This heartache can never end. You mean the English world. Goodbye. See you again. From …." [Gotta love Google translate. :)]

In the evening on Sunday we went to the mission leader's house to visit their family one last time before I left.  They're probably my favorite family I've met in Korea, they're super awesome.  If you remember, the wife is the one who hemmed my pants for me :)

The other pictures attached are a cool-looking part of Gimhae, and district picture for the last transfer.

I hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Elder Hines

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