Monday, September 7, 2015

Faithful Members

September 6, 2015

Dear Family,

Church was pretty good yesterday. It was fast Sunday, and I expected Sacrament meeting to end really early from the lack of people to speak, but it actually took up the whole time. There were seven people in attendance yesterday, including two missionaries and the Branch President and his daughter, who are from a different ward. So three actually members of Daeshin. We just have some really long-winded people who each spoke for 15 minutes or so. Honestly, this branch is pretty depressing. It's almost completely dead, that's probably why you can't find it on the internet. It was actually the very first branch and meeting house in Korea, and apparently that is the reason why it hasn't combined with another branch by now. But I heard that when it was a new ward, there were 600 members​ who came. Who knows what happened between then and now, because we have like four, three of whom are old. So give it 5 to 10 years and we won't have a branch anymore. But on the bright side, all of the people who come are really faithful members, and have really strong testimonies. The one younger lady used to live in Daeshin area, and moved to another area. But she still comes to Daeshin branch each week to help support it.  Another lady, who is maybe upper 70s, brings flowers every week and puts them in a vase on a table in the foyer, and in another vase at the pulpit in the chapel. Then there is a man who is 77 who comes to the church pretty often to clean up and do yard work, and always sets up the sacrament. I have a lot of respect for each of the members here, because it would be really hard to stay an active member of the church, but they each have such strong testimonies and are so diligent in everything that they do. 

And yes, we have to make our own food just about every meal. Elder Seo is pretty good at cooking though, and really likes to cook. So the only problem is when we run out of ingredients. Last week, one of the lunches he made was steamed cabbage and rice...that's it. Scrumptious.

Have a great week!

Elder Hines

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