Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Spirit Is So Amazing

August 14, 2014

Dear Family,

I got the opportunity to host new missionaries yesterday. If you don't know what that is, I was there when they were dropped off, and then I showed them where to go to find their residence, classroom, and get their stuff. Hosting was pretty amazing, I loved it. It was nice to help the new missionaries. I say new, but they're not much newer than me. :)

Every morning we have time to exercise, I usually play soccer because there's not much else to do, sometimes volleyball.

We watched a talk by Elder Bednar called The Character of Christ just recently. It was pretty amazing, if you can find it you should definitely watch it. The main point of his talk was that the character of Christ is to turn outward when the natural man would turn inward. It was fantastic :)

[Elder Bruce C. Hafen spoke at last week's devotional] . . . it was pretty good, the best thing he said was, "the easiest way to come close to Christ is to witness of him" and that's more than being a missionary, that means the way you live your life.

So I was talking to Elder Skouson, he is big into growing fruit trees/plants. He actually started a grapefruit tree fairly recently, he's growing a pineapple plant, and some banana plants. So he has a leg up on me with the bananas :)

For choir we sang Nearer, My God, To Thee. It was the most amazing arrangement of that hymn that I've ever heard. It had a beautiful deceptive cadence toward the end too. It is arranged by Gregory Lawrence Duffin, if you can find a performance of it online, it would be worth your time. [Listen hereThe choir director is really cool, he always tells us stories about the piece we're working on. Apparently Nearer, My God, To Thee is based off the story of Jacob, as in Isaac's son. Read Genesis Chapters 27 and 28, and then look at the lyrics of the song. It's really cool to see the relation because it is so subtle.

So I heard from one of the elders here that about a month before I came in, the CIA came to the MTC to figure out how missionaries learn languages so fast. They took videos and everything, but couldn't figure it out. I thought that was pretty funny. One of the Elders was joking, saying we should give them a copy of the Book of Mormon and say, "this book can tell you how we do it."

We get to teach investigators completely in Korean almost every day. It is a really neat experience, especially when the investigator asks questions and my companion and I are able to answer them in Korean on the spot. The Spirit is so amazing :)

Have a great week!

Elder Hines

Brother Chandler and Elder Hines

Elder Hines and Elder Baugh (the missing Elder from the district)

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