Monday, July 18, 2016

Liahona and Fiji

July 17, 2016

Dear family,

Well, I was being sarcastic about the intestines being really good, but they weren't as bad as you would expect. It's basically just like eating fatty meat, nothing special.

Just N went back to Chile, the rest of the family is still here. We haven't been able to meet at teach them for a while, mostly because M is really busy with work, and the one day he doesn't have work (Sunday), they always go out of town to do other things.
Yesterday, we had a bunch of guys from Fiji come to our ward. They are here to pick up a ship that their company bought and take it back to Fiji, and have been here for maybe a month now, just getting the ship ready to take back. But the other day, a few of them were hanging out, resting in the shade or something, and one of the members of our ward passed by them. Upon seeing part of the garments of one of them, the member stopped and asked if they were members. It turns out that of the fourteen members of the crew, two of them are members of the church, and one of them (the captain, actually) is a returned missionary. For the month they've been here they haven't been able to find a church, but because one of the Korean members saw their garments, they were able to come yesterday.  Pretty cool, huh? The two members, as well as five others they invited, all attended the three hours of church, and afterward, we went with them and the bishopric to their ship (which they named "Liahona II"), and the bishopric blessed the ship and M (the captain). M is the one in the light purple button up shirt. The guy on the far right is pretty swag, huh? :)

We didn't meet with LHO again, I think he's stuck in rehab for's kind of a good thing that he didn't come to church though, because I had more than enough to worry about with seven Fijians walking around the church who I had to translate for.  Translating is really hard, let me tell you.

Today for p day we went on a hike to the top of one of the mountains around here. I'll show you some videos I took next week, but here's some pictures:

We left at seven this morning, and it took maybe three hours or so. Yes, I know I look really was really humid, okay? I felt like I was in the middle of the Amazon.  But it was really fun!

Well, I have tons more to tell you, but I'll see you in a week and a couple days, so I'll tell you then :)  Have a great week, and talk to you soon!

Elder Hines

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