Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter in Korea

March 27, 2016

Dear Family,

Happy Easter! I have yet to see Koreans do anything to celebrate Easter. Okay, I guess I've seen one thing--the YW in our ward decorated eggs (Korean eggs are brown, so they just used sharpies to write "Easter" and draw some designs on them) to give to everyone at church yesterday. But other than that, I haven't seen anything. They didn't even sing Easter songs at church yesterday.

It was another slow week, yesterday was the first week in almost three months that we didn't have an investigator at church. Everyone is just kind of dropping off the face of the Earth, or at least seems that way. We met with Brother J though, and he's doing well. Whenever we teach him, he likes spending a little bit of the time teaching us speech since he's a speech tutor. This last week he had us read the "I have a dream" speech, and then had us translate it into Korean. I'm convinced that there are some things in English that can't be translated accurately into Korean.

Gamjatang is probably the most inspired food on the Korean peninsula, more so than Korean fried chicken. You can probably find out about it on the internet, it's pork and potato soup with a few other vegetables that you wouldn't know. They use the meat from around the spine of the pig, and they cook it with the bone, and it tastes amazing.

We've been wanting to go to the Gimhae National Museum, but, just like most things interesting in Korean, it's closed on Mondays. Monday in Korea is like Sunday in the US. Thanks for the list though! We actually got a tourist map of Gimhae that has a lot of interesting things on it, so we'll have to check it out.

Have a great week!

Elder Hines


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