Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Egg or Two?

October 27, 2014

This week has been pretty good. We had a mission-wide 5K in Busan yesterday, that's why I didn't email until now. It was pretty fun to see everyone. I ran it in 24:02, so I was pretty proud of that, especially since I just spent 9 weeks in the MTC sitting around almost all day :)

We spent three days painting some rooms in the church and then a concrete fence behind the church with the bishop. That was a chore. But the bishop really appreciated it; he even thanked us in Sacrament meeting for it. But the good part of this story is what the bishop fed us for lunch two of those days we were painting. The first day, his wife made a ton of ramyun, and gave each of us a huge bowl of it. I wasn't complaining, I was pretty hungry after painting for so long. So I was looking forward to this delicious steaming bowl of noodles, when the bishop pulled out the eggs and cracked three of them straight into my bowl . . . and there went my appetite. I just mixed it in really well so that it wasn't as noticeable, but still the thought of three raw eggs mixed in with my soup was pretty disgusting. Elder Suter said it was even hard for him to handle, apparently completely raw eggs like that is pretty abnormal, even in Korea. The next day, he fed us the same thing, but didn't put any eggs in. So I was pretty excited that I would get to just enjoy it this time. When I was about half way done, he's like, "Aren't you going to have some eggs?" So I reluctantly cracked one in. It was terrible. The worst part was that I had already enjoyed some of it without the eggs. Oh well, that was last Friday and I haven't experienced any side effects yet, so I should be OK.

The idea you found, "Mandu Myul Mang" or whatever it was, isn't like a Korean food or something. It sounds like something some missionary came up with because he didn't know what else to make. It sounds like it has even less nutritional value than ramen, and doesn't sound very appetizing either, so it's funny that people were talking about how delicious it is. We only have an hour for meals, preparation and eating included. So if you come across anything else, let me know please :)

"Preach My Gospel Missionary" just means following the things that Preach My Gospel talks about, it's not very complicated :)

I love you too :)

Elder Hines

Mission 5K

Undersea tunnel connecting the main part of Tongyeong City to an island.
Elders Hines and Suter at the sculpture park. This bay is right next to Tongyeong. It was here that General Ee Sunshin fought off a huge Japanese navy with his turtle ships. 

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